The team of EBHYS consists of experienced Project managers Engineers. They are able to lead operations of construction of industrial valorization plants. Steady partnerships as well with the best equipment suppliers as with building companies allow EBHYS to propose a strong organization in order to reply to the requests of the private and public investors.
The entrusted missions can be multiple:
- Design and building of industrial valorisation units for solid waste (Buildings, process, layout of the plant area)
- Enhancement of existing shop floors
- Valorization process construction and starting (sorting, composting, recycling)
- Revamping of former industrial units
- Extensions and enhancement of existing shop floors
- Manufacturing of specific recycling equipments (microniseur for the gum derived from Non reusable tyres)
- Manufacturing of spare parts, subsets and equipments (grinding, sieving, conveying)
- Integration process/building


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