The know-how of Ebhys teams in the field of sorting and composting brought the company to work on Mechanical Biological Treatment enhancement.

The many references of STADLER in Spain in the area of mechanic sorting of the rough household waste made it possible to develop a systematic diagram of pre-treatment aiming to the best valorization of the dry fractions and the extraction of a pure compost (upstream sorting of the solid pollutants).

The use of a tubular "Bioreactor" allows the best preparation of the material and the reincorporation of clean fiber fractions (paper, cardboard). It is associated with a fermentation and maturation in controlled ventilation which had been tried and tested in many achievements.
The refining by combining a granulometric and a densimetric separation allows producing compost complying with the NFU 44051 regulation.

By using this diagram of pre-treatment, the valorisation rate of the household wastes reaches the 65 %. The production of RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel) using the non recyclable part with high calorific Value allows to reach the valorisation rate of 80% of the input.


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