The know-how gained by EBHYS on the market of the recycling of the Non Reusable Tyres enabled the Company to build in 2007 the largest French facility for tyres granulation in Montauban.
The driving force of EBHYS is based in its capacity to deliver powerful industrial plants, of strong capacity (line up to 4 Tons/hour) producing granules and fine powders with maximum added value (100% of the production below 2 mm with purity higher than 99,5%).

The by-products issued from the gum recycling display the highest level of purity (textile fibres/metals) and a maximum output of extraction (about 65% according to wearing rate of the entering tyre).
Each unit complies with the last regulations (European Conformity, ATEX, Noises, Dust, Ergonomics for the operation and maintenance).

The units are completely automated and under a centralised control which insures the driving of the installation and collects continuously all the parameters of production (Flows, Temperatures, Pressures).


Réalisé par Com-Océan