MSW sorting

Environmental technologies

A market in full development

The French market for MSW sorting will be a rapidly growing market in the coming decades, given the ban on landfill sites, the strict regulatory constraints affecting MBTs and the difficulties in setting up new incinerators.

Our partner, Stadler

STADLER has been successfully developing MSW sorting processes for its worldwide customers for over 20 years. The pioneering countries in Europe are Germany, Spain and more recently the United Kingdom and Northern European countries.

Ebhys expertise

EBHYS, based on this field experience, offers sorting processes adapted to the expectations of French customers, whether they are oriented towards the valorization of material or fuel.

The flows treated are generally similar in the different European countries and the experiences are transposable. EBHYS is currently developing several innovative projects of this type in France.


Industrial processes

Experience and innovation

The industrial processes developed by EBHYS use many proven technologies as well as those still under development. The use of automation of the final sorting by optical sorters or sorting robots is more and more frequent in this field, as is the use of selective collection sorting.

However, given the importance of the volume requirements and the size of the lines requested, the technological challenge is often very much focused on the productivity and reliability of the machines.

The robust equipment developed by STADLER is particularly adapted to these flows and their integration in schemes that combine them with crushing or separation technologies offers incomparable productivity.

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