Selective collection sorting

15 years of experience and R&D

Expertise at the service of selective sorting

EBHYS develops selective collection sorting processes for its private customers and for collectivities. These processes are developed according to customer needs and in a spirit of dialogue in order to adapt to the know-how and objectives of private and public customers.

Ongoing innovation

Industrial processes

The industrial processes developed by EBHYS use many proven technologies or those still under development. A key element of performance is the automation of the final sorting by optical sorters or sorting robots.


Control and quality

Several years of R&D have been devoted to controlling the quality of flows, including the manual sorting stage, to enable future operators to continuously monitor the quality of product flows, to anticipate process deviations and to ensure that the efforts made by employees are properly taken into account.

Breakthrough technology

The connected cabin technology developed by EBHYS is equipped with sensors whose information is continuously analyzed by neural networks and a supervisor that allows the operator to benefit from a continuous monitoring on parameters as important as:

  • human activity,
  • postures and efforts,
  • the work environment,
  • sorting flows in the cabin,
  • the quality of the sorted flows.
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Technological and societal innovation

This approach represents a real technological breakthrough in the sorting world and contributes greatly to the control of the activity and quality produced on the sorting lines.

It is also directly related to the efforts made by public health organizations to offer satisfactory working conditions over time to the valuers working on the sorting lines.

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