ISW and construction site waste sorting

Innovation at the service of ecology

The market of ISW and construction site waste sorting

The French ISW sorting market has witnessed a very strong development under the impetus of pioneering groups in the decade 2000/2010 anticipating a change in taxes on landfill sites, which made it possible to offer a service for sorting these flows to achieve high recovery rates. This anticipation did not make it possible to establish sufficiently profitable treatment schemes to offer a real boost to this sector at that time.

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Ebhys’ technical know-how

The processes used in this type of activity are characterized by their high productivity and robustness. Using feeding and dosing technologies for flow rates up to 50 T/H is a necessity.

The use of STADLER’s ballistic separation for high throughputs and unit weights of objects weighing more than 30 kg is a valuable element and the SORTERA sorting center was a world first in this respect.

Process control

The work developed with its partners Zen Robotics and Pellenc ST has enabled EBHYS to integrate a robotic solution for the separation of heavy objects alongside optical sorters for light fractions.

The proficiency of these processes gives the ISW and construction site waste sorting lines developed by EBHYS an optimum productivity and operating cost on the French market.

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